How to shine laminate floors

Many people love laminate floors because they last for long, is of an affordable price and has a low maintenance cost. In addition, they come in a wide variety of colors that you may choose from. However, if you let grime and dirt accumulate; the laminate is bound to lose its shine over time. Laminate flooring cannot be waxed and using soap on it will also tend to make the floor even duller. It is therefore very important that you know how to shine laminate floors properly. Moreover, you should use products that are particularly meant for laminate flooring.

The first step towards making laminate floors shine is to sweep the floor thoroughly and ensure that that all the dirt and dust is removed using a broom or dusting mop. In addition to that, pay close attention areas close to the wall and under the furniture in the house or office because dirt slides across the floor and may hide under the furniture. Gather the dirt together then collect it into a dustpan and properly dispose of it. Alternatively, you may use a vacuum cleaner that has a hard floor setting to ensure that you properly get rid of the dirt on the floor.

Put a gallon of clean warm water in a bucket then add a cup of distilled white vinegar into the water. Dip a soft mop into the mixture then use it to clean laminate floor in a regular motion. However, you may alternatively use laminate flooring cleansers. Properly dispose of the water and rinse the bucket well.

How to shine laminate floors
Rinse the soft mop then fill the bucket with warm clean water and use it to clean the floors again. This will help you to get rid of the smell of vinegar and also get rid of all the buildup on the floors. Using a clean dry lint-free cloth, dry the floor by going over it in a circular motion.

Take a bottle of laminate floor polish, shake it well then spray it on the floor from one corner of the room to another. After doing this, evenly spread the polish using a clean lint-free mop. Work in small sections applying the polish towards the exit of the room. This will ensure that you don’t leave any prints or footsteps on the floor.

When you have finished polishing the floor, leave the polish to dry in accordance to the manufacturer’s instruction. If the floor has not attained the desired shine, apply another coat and spread it evenly using a clean lint-free mop. Remember to still work your way backward towards the exit of the room. Give the room enough time to dry before you walk on the floor.

After you have finished cleaning and polishing your laminate floor, clean all the materials adequately, rinse them well then put them out to dry. When they are completely dry, store them well according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will ensure that the products last longer and remain as effective as they should be in order to give the perfect polish for your floor in future.

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